Test Yourself for Hypnosis Talent

Jun 02, 2020

Do you have the talent to be hypnotized?

You may have heard that some people are more talented at hypnosis. 30 percent feel they can't do it. 20 percent can enter the low range, 40 percent can reach the mid-range, and 10 percent are highly hypnotizable.

Try this test of tying imaginary balloons to your wrist.

If it doesn't work, then you should not call a therapist for an appointment. Hypnosis is going to be too hard for you.

If one of your fingers rises, then you might try hypnosis to solve your problems.

If more of them come up, then you might be able to reach the greater levels of hypnosis.

If all five of them come up, then Stanford University would call you . . . Highly Hypnotizable.

Please be kind. Don't brag to your friends that you have hypnosis talent. It's not their fault. Not everyone can be hypnotized.


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