Sometimes Hypnosis Doesn't Work

Jun 02, 2020

If hypnosis didn't work for you, check this list:

1. You weren't born with hypnosis talent. Just like in music or math, some people have more potential. Sure, you can take lessons but you will always be limited by your lack of talent. Some people can't be hypnotized. You can't change that very much.

2. You don't believe in hypnosis. Now this is an area where it's possible for you to improve your faith by learning more about hypnosis. Maybe you think hypnosis is fake, or that people who believe in hypnosis are stupid.

3. You are fearful. If you say, I'm scared of hypnosis, maybe you could study a little about it. If you think that a hypnotist can take control of your mind, then you should learn more about hypnosis. Hypnosis is risky----well about as much as meditation. That's not much, right?

4. You didn't like the therapist. Maybe you could become better friends. Start over. Get to know each other. Or of course you could switch to a different practitioner.

5. You didn't really want to change your habit. If somebody else is pushing you, hypnosis won't work. Make your own decision to change.

Will hypnosis work for me?

That's a smart question. Here's the easy answer. Try hypnosis.

  •  You're right to ask, "Do I have the talent to be hypnotized?"
  • You're right to be skeptical and say, "I don't believe in hypnosis."
  • You're right to be afraid of hypnosis. Fear is based on a lack of knowledge.
  • You're right to try to find a good hypnotist with a charming personality.
  • You're right to ask yourself, "Do I really want to be hypnotized?" Can you really say, "I want to change my bad habits?"

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